Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Codershippers in FOSDEM

FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting

Codership team spent this weekend in Brussels, in and around the ever famous FOSDEM 2011 conference. This time there was quite a lot of the *around* part, as we were traveling with families, and trip scheduling was mostly not within our control. We regrettably missed .e.g. the MySQL dinner, which we later heard, was fueled by Monty's black bottle (TM, hallelujah).
In the conference, when we finally got in there, we gave a presentation which explores various Multi-Master replication technologies, classifying, comparing and sorting them, (and in the end, boiling in deep oil). This presentation will grow both in length and content and will be given in longer version in the O'Reilly MySQL User Conference, in Santa Clara, Apr 14. For this, we welcome any status updates you might have of your favorite Multi-Master replication solution. I know that at least the Tungsten dudes are working hard developing Multi-Master Tungsten 2.0 replicator. I hope you can send your project status before the conference.

The FOSDEM presentation slides are available for download in:

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  1. Hi Seppo - it was a pleasure to see you again. Thanks a lot for talking at the MySQL Developer Room, your support was appreciated!