Thursday, February 11, 2010

For Those About to Galera - We Salute You!

Two new Galera presentations are available for downloads. First is from the ever famous
FOSDEM 2010 conference in Brussels, where I visited the MySQL Developers' room and
presented a 20 minute overview of Galera project. This presentation contains new 100% insert rate benchmark and synchronous WAN replication test results. Get your copy from here.

Yesterday, we presented Galera replication in MySQL University session. The focus of this webinar is to describe our replication API (wsrep API) and our patch in MySQL source code to support the API. This is MySQL oriented and quite technical presentation. The session was recorded and you can play it in MySQL University site: Galera presentation. The plain presentation slides (without disturbing narration), are also available in Codership site

Thanks for all the feedback! If your comment/question looks to have public interest, don't hesitate to post in our mailing list
We are working now for 0.7.3 release, and will publish in very near future (we look to squeeze MySQL 5.1.43 merge and "LOAD DATA LOCAL..." support still in the package). To ease the installation, we have also debian and RPM packages coming soon. They are needed for our very first cloud image, we are working on.

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