Tuesday, October 25, 2011

MySQL/Galera Release 1.0 - Replication Redefined

MySQL/Galera Release 1.0 has slipped from our hands, we could not hold back it anymore. The pressure was just too immense from the community, our partners, and our new sales guy (specials thanks to Sakari for kicking some engineer ass).

So, the infection is underway, and there will be no return to the steam-age with async replication. Galera is replication redefined - and this is permanent. Biggest news in this release is that we now support both MySQL 5.1 and 5.5 series. Other nice features (since 0.8.1 level) include:

  • replication over SSL
  • garbd - the lightweight arbitator
  • causal read support
  • persistent write set buffering
Not all that can be expressed with one sentence. but believe, me you are dying to to get it, because you cannot live without it.

So, there it is: www.codership.com/downloads/download-mysqlgalera/ .

And there is even more to it. Our beloved western neighbors, brave dudes from Severalnines have worked, if possible, even harder than us and are releasing Severalnines ClusterControl for MySQL Galera. ClusterControl provides three utilities:
  • configurator
  • monitor
  • management
...which pretty much cover all the tasks you need to do with your cluster.

Check out: www.severalnines.com/galera-configurator to get started. With the configurator, you just fill in your system information, and you will receive a tarball with deployment script, which will install and configure your MySQL/Galera cluster automatically.

So there goes, now back to PerconaLive - it is intense here!


  1. What is the reason that your focus is on the MySQL releases but not on MariaDB. With Oracle's recent moves in September announcing closed source extensions to MySQL, can we expect a shift in focus to a pure open source MySQL.
    When can I expect patched RPM's for MariaDB which will make deployment much easier?

  2. We have limited resources for DBMS integration work, and we need to pick carefully which DBMS versions we should support. Currently we have support for MySQL 5.1 and 5.5 series and this is only for the sake of the size of the community, we cover largest community with this choice.

    We did one point-in-time release for MariaDB, and run quite extensive benchmarking with it. The idea was that MontyProgram would adapt the replication API in their product road map and honor the API in future releases.Unfortunately this has not happened, and for MariaDB support we still need to prepare manual merges on our own. Every merge amounts to ~1 week effort, and we just skip it if there is no business objective.

    Yes, Oracle has switched to closed source strategy, and this can have a big impact in long term. We follow this progress closely. My guess is that open source forks (Percona and MariaDB) will get a big uplift due to Oracle's strategy change.