Monday, May 21, 2012

Galera Cluster 2.1 Release Rolling Out

Galera Cluster release 2.1 has been published.

This is a maintenance release and includes the new Galera Replication library version 2.1 and corresponding MySQL server releases for both MySQL 5.5.23 and MySQL 5.1.62 versions. The replication API version is still at version #23.

The 2.1 release has a number of fixes in Galera replication and MySQL provider layers, including:

  • fixes for foreign key support (with 5.5.23 release only)
  • fixes for incremental state transfer
  • support for wsrep_sst_method=skip to avoid performing any state snapshot transfer during node joining
  • wsrep_urls configuration variable to specify a list of known cluster nodes where node should try to connect during startup
  • supporting MySQL replication filters name but a few, a comprehensive list of bug fixes can be browsed in launchpad bug trackers (Galera 2.1, MySQL 5.5.23-23.6, MySQL 5.1.62-23.4).

The 2.1 release is backwards compatible with earlier releases, and rolling online upgrade for the Cluster is possible.

Downloads can be reached at downloads page as usual.

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