Saturday, December 17, 2011

Galera Cluster Release 1.1 - Out She Sails

Galera release 1.1 has been published and rolled out in the open!

This release has a bunch of bug fixes and one prominent new feature: rolling schema upgrade. With rolling schema upgrade, it is possible to apply schema changes (DDL statements e.g. CREATE, DROP, ALTER, etc...) for each cluster node separately. The node to be upgraded is a member of cluster but is not applying replication events as long as the DDL statement is processing. With this, the cluster can stay in production due out the schema upgrade process. I will write a more detailed description how it works in a separate blog.

The 1.1 release uses new version of replication API: wsrep API #22. This means that both MySQL and Galera components must be upgraded with same go.

Galera release 1.1 is available for downloads: here. There are separate versions both for MySQL 5.5.17 and MySQL 5.1.59.

Oli wrote an excellent blog about howto upgrade Galera from 1.0 to 1.1 level in: FromDual blog. While landing on FromDual site, check out Oli's other blogs as well, plenty of Galera related stuff there.

And, don't forget Severalnine's ClusterControl, it offers benefits like:

  • Hassle free installer for Galera Cluster
  • Excellent cluster aware GUI for Galera cluster monitoring and management

You can start your ClusterControl journey here: ClusterControl™ for MySQL Galera

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