Monday, January 2, 2012

Galera 2.0beta - node joining with incremental DB synchronization

Galera replication 2.0 beta has been released, get your download in

This release comes only with Galera library build, there are 64bit DEB and RPM packages available for download. To test Galera 2.0 replication, install the beta library in Galera cluster 1.1 and you are ready to go (wsrep API version #22 is required).

Galera 2.0 has as a new feature incremental state transfer (IST). Earlier Galera cluster behavior was to always copy full database to new joining node. With IST, the previous state of joining node is taken in consideration, and only the delta of missing transactions will be transferred and applied in joining node. Applications having big database, will experience a great performance boost with node join operations.

The beta cycle is expected to continue for a few weeks and is then followed by 2,0 GA release, stay tuned.

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